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 Post subject: Cat Vomit Special
PostPosted: September 24th, 2019, 7:10 pm 

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Hey Ray,

Can you share your opinions of the 6C33C SET you built, especially compared to other SETs?



 Post subject: Re: Cat Vomit Special
PostPosted: September 25th, 2019, 9:18 am 

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I brought the amp along to Roscoe's place a few years ago where it was outclassed by David B's 845 amp but you would have to expect that. However, it did better than my 829B lightbulb amp which I also brought along. It was more dynamic which is the only way to describe it.

My subsequent GK-71 amp was much superior to the 6C33 with much more detail. It's the only amp I have made where electric guitars sound real to me with a bite that my other amps can't achieve. Not that I listen to electric guitar music all that often. I do not know why I get this impresssion. It could be one of a number of variables.

I also breadboarded this 6C33C cathode follower OTL using a stack of 48V SMPS units. It worked, but the power output was so low that I couldn' see developing it further. In addition, I am not a devotee of the 6SN7.


My 6C33C amp produced a lot of heat. Eventually the radiation of the big plate resistors started to blacken the wooden top plate. The tubes seem to have a limited life span before they get noisy and I have found that the tubes coming from the Ukraine are sometimes noisy on arrival, and yes, I go though the pre-conditioning process.

Late last year, I disassembled most of my amps in preparation for our move to Australia. Because of the time it takes to get a visa for my wife, we now expect to move in the June - August timeframe next year. I may or may not reassemble the amp because the climate is similar to Key West.

In the meantime, my health continues to improve, though slowly. This afternoon I go to Johns Hopkins where they will talk to me about doing IV IG treatment.


Occasionally I work on my 6SK17-V - 45 amp which I am breadboarding. I may start a thread soon since I am trying some new things. My health problems have restricted the weight I can carry so I am trying to make it as light as possible. I lashed out when purchasing the output transformers and paid almost $20 for the pair of them.


Obviously I don't expect monster bass out of them. I will use them eventually with the PRV 5MR450-NDY speakers when I have the strength to assemble them. You might remember the bloke in the UK who used them in suspended fashion. Instead of the heavy Dayton woofers I will use the cheap and lightweight GRS high QTS 15" woofers. I am planning to use bungee cords to suspend the speakers from 1" plastic water pipe.


So I may be somewhat incapacitated right now, but I still build.


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