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Audio Research D 79B

October 4th, 2021, 1:54 pm

I have an Audio Research D-79B (with boxes and Manual) that I no longer use. These are quite collectible since there were only 80 made. The 21 filter caps were replaced about 12 years ago and it went back to Audio Research for a check up in 2011. I am the third owner of the unit. I have extensive documentation for the amp from the previous owners.

I pulled it out to listen to it and there is low level hum in both channels, suggesting one, or more, of the 21 filter capacitors needs replaced again. The hum is arounf 52 db on my RS spl meter. Noticeable if there is no music playing. I don't feel like wrestling this 90 lb amplifier any more to fix it, particularly since I don't use it.

I am offering it for sale for $2000/obo considering repair will be necessary. Well below market value.
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