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Partially Complete - Wayne 4pi Speakers

November 2nd, 2020, 7:51 pm

Hi All,

I'm looking to sell a partially complete 4 Pi Build.

I've abandoned the project mid-way. I was building a set for my parents and, as I got closer to completion, my brother ended up gifting them the pair that I gifted him several years back.

I was contemplating completing the project, but I hit a snag. One of my JBL 2226H driver "buzzes" at low frequency (120hz and less). It may be the dust cap, it may be the coil. Don't know, but I don't plan on sinking any more money into the project.

I currently have the following:

Pair - 4Pi Cabinets - built with 18mm Baltic Birch Plywood - the enclosures were built taller and the horns were centered for aesthetic purposes. No standing wave issues with the tall cabinet - this was verified via impedance sweep and close mic measurements. The enclosures were heavily braced and were finished with water-based poly.

Pair - Wayne 4pi Horns

Pair - Denovo DNA-360 compression drivers (apparently a direct clone of the DE250)

One working JBL 2226H driver, the other included for recone purposes.

Not sure what is a fair price, but I was thinking $400 for all of the above?

I figured a used pair of Wayne horns will sell about $60ish, the Denovo drivers around $120-ish, a single JBL around 150-ish, plus free second 2226H assembly for recone, and here is to hoping $80 for a pair of completed cabinets with terminal cups + sound insulation, etc. is not unreasonable.

No crossover components are included - but schematics are available directly from Wayne at no charge. I also had my own take on crossover because I thought about voicing them slightly differently than Wayne (not better - just different) - I can share that with interested parties.
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Re: Partially Complete - Wayne 4pi Speakers

November 2nd, 2020, 7:59 pm

I've attached the measured response utilizing my crossover. Please note the 5db scaling.
Grey = design axis (i.e. 10 degree off axis)
Green = linstening windown
Blue = Power Response based on measurements out to 60degrees off axis.

(I personally prefer a slightly downward sloping response - especially with horn speakers).
Measurements 4pi.jpg
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