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Horn Stuff - JBL LE 5-2 Midrange Fostex FT66H Tweeter

October 17th, 2019, 10:46 am

More clearing out.

Two (2) Midrange Horns + Tweeters from my old horn setup from years back.

Midranges are JBL LE 5-2 (note, these are the Alnico version, not the later ferrite magnet version)

Tweeters are Fostex FT66H

Includes passive crossover (as you can see by the photos).

The horns are Tractrix Edgar-style midrange horns, approx. 250 Hz.

As shown, $300 for the pair (Mids + Tweeters + Horn).

I have another pair of JBL LE 5-2 midranges that are backups to the ones in the horns. I can let them go for $75 each. Need to test them first, but they were working years ago. (No photo)

I also have a pair of straight 80 Hz midbass horns with EV 12L drivers sitting in storage. The are the orange horns I had setup years ago. These I can let go for $100 for the pair. Just would like to clear them out. (No photo)


Re: Horn Stuff - JBL LE 5-2 Midrange Fostex FT66H Tweeter

October 21st, 2019, 7:10 am

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