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Aria 5R Speakers

October 17th, 2019, 8:42 am

This is a relisting of my Aria 5R speakers which I have been using up until this week. They are a D'Appolito array using a pair of Focal 5" Kevlar bass-mids and a Raven R1 ribbon tweeter. The cabinets are very robust (1-1/2" thick MDF), and I have heavy stands for them. They are 95dB/1W, 4 ohm speakers, and prefer a good Class A solid state amplifier over a tube amp. I found they worked great with my Moskido amp. They extend down to around 60 Hz, so should use a subwoofer for a fullrange setup.

Asking $500 for the pair, with stands.
Local pickup only.

If you need a subwoofer, we can talk.

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