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Audio/Video Preamp as DAC for dsp crossover via HDMI Input

April 30th, 2022, 5:10 pm

I have a question if anyone has heard of the following for a dsp crossover. All my audio signals go through my htpc so the audio coming out of the htpc is digital. Currently, the audio output is via spdif to the openDRC DA-8 miniDSP processor which has 8 channels. Is there software I can run on my htpc so that the crossovers are implements in the hdmi audio output so that I can use a audio/video digital processor as a multi channel dac where the crossovers are implemented in the digital audio signal entering the audio/video processor and then the audio/video processor can do the room correction and act as a dac. Of course the analog inputs of the audio/video processor would then be useless.

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