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RIP Brett Mullins

April 2nd, 2022, 10:19 pm

Bob Olson emailed me, but I haven't seen anything posted on the group. Brett Mullins, who ran Sound Images (where I worked part-time for a couple of years) and later HiFiHeaven, passed away this week. He had a severe case of Covid and was hospitalized, then suffered a massive stroke. Randy Kline, who managed both stores (I think) also lost his brother the week before that. Bob says he's pretty shaken. I enjoyed working for Brett. He was gruff and sometimes scornful of "audiophiles," but he ran good businesses, adapted readily to changes in the audio industry and offered good service for his customers. There was never a dull moment at Sound Images, I'll say that. ;-)

I well remember an Eico HF-87 they were selling for $200, before the days when Eicos became collector's items. I scooped it up and asked them to test it before I took it home. It was late in the day so Randy hooked it up to a pair of Vandersteens. It sounded awesome. Brett came out from the back, listened for a moment, and said, "Boy did we underprice that."
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