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Re: Evaluation Tracks

June 12th, 2020, 3:11 pm

ratbagp wrote:At home when I make a change, my test is simple. Do I want to keep listening and exploring my collection or does it not thrill my soul.

At an audio event such as CAF, if the music is the usual audiophile stuff, I leave the room. At a meet, I just hope to hear music I haven't heard before that is interesting. Since a good part of my listening material is older classical, sound quality is not the key issue. I tend to listen thru the less than stellar quality and concentrate on the performance.


Actually -- I have some glorious classical stuff that dates back to the early 70's -- you would not believe the sound quality that is buried in those grooves. That's why I have spent a lot of time and energy on vinyl playback.

London/Decca ffrr recordings from the distant past are amazing. Same with Deutsche Grammophon before they went solid-state. I have been rediscovering Angel recordings as well.

Some of the digital reissues of the same recordings will give the listener "ear bleed."
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