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Microcap circuit simulation software now free

August 22nd, 2019, 11:30 am

I know nothing about this stuff, but saw the following post by Jon Marsh at HTGuide and felt some here would be interested:

I don't know how many of you like to mess around with circuit simulation or wish you could afford to have access to a professional level commercial tool besides LT-SPICE, but I just recently found out that MicroCap is now freeware.


While it is compatible with SPICE and SPICE, and some HSPICE model formats, it has many other interesting features, such as a built in digital simulator, tight integration of schematic editor and simulator, an active and passive filter designer, and most interesting to me it can use nested stepped simulation loops for worst case analysis. Like a couple of other high end tools such as Silvaco SmartSPICE, it includes a component value parameter optimizer which can be used to adjust circuit values to hit a target transfer function, such as the way VituixCAD can do. It supports complete analog behavioral modeling including S-Plane linear transfer function of a circuit block. Now, I have some very good simulators at my beck and call, (SIMPLIS/SIMetrix, PLECS, TINA Industrial) but they cost me a yearly subscription fee that is not cheap. So, don't pass this opportunity by- they have a full install file collection as well as all the individual files (manuals, brochures, etc.) listed for download for all versions up to MicroCAP 12.
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