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Up grade for giggles

February 6th, 2021, 5:59 pm

I am not a headphone person.
the only headphones I had up until very recently was a pair of Koss Pro 4's which live on my workbench for testing purposes.
I recently did a review of the Aurorus Borealis head pots of John Gasky's Everything Audio Network using the LTA microZOTL preamplifier's headphone output jack. I was quite surprised at how great this sounded. So I plugged in the Koss and almost lost my lunch it was so bad.

The drivers in the foreground are the originals just behind them are the new ones mounted in 1/4 inch ply baffle boards
the 1/8 deep 1/4 inch wide rabbit around the edge so it would fit into the original cup was an interesting exercise in not getting my fingers ripped off at the router table.

I got new cushions from Koss ($5 including shipping). These are for Koss P4 aaa's but I could muscle them on

How do they sound? Well much better than the originals. Highs and upper mid-range are MIA even though Amazon's description said the freq response was 20hz to 20khz. But I did answer the question of how to waste a few bucks and hours.
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